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Drop Your Gate and Pong
Why Pong Tailgate Pong

The second best thing you can do 
when you park your truck!

  • No extra table needed. Drop your tailgate, setup your cups and pong on
  • Formed cupholders provide a perfect rack every time, with no sliding
  • Installs in less than 10 minutes as a replacement for other formed
    tailgates or over most spray on coatings
  • Made of heavy duty HDPE so you can still
    use your truck like a truck
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How To Pong Tailgate Pong

We'd never tell you how to play the game, 
but we do have a few suggestions.

  • Keep your truck parked at all times while playing. A moving target makes the game way harder than it needs to be.
  • To help prevent balls from bouncing into the truck bed,
    position coolers or other tailgating items toward the back.
    Saves time and you’d hate to knock over a cup
    getting in & out of the bed.
  • Keep elbows & wrists behind the edge of the tailgate
    when shooting. It’s a short table anyhow – you’ll adjust.
  • Have fun. Play responsibly. Don't drink & drive.